Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pisum Sativum

Or in modern english, peas.

Sometime in February a roommate of mine was of the mind that purchasing some plants would impress a certain lady he was angling to further include in his life, a fine notion indeed.  Coincidentally, I had been sifting through the idea of growing my own vegetables for a while.  A chance encounter with a pack of pea seeds at my local co-op, The Wedge, put my first botanical endeavor in motion.  Seven peat pots with one pea seed in each have been growing in a window sill in my house since early March.  I enlisted the help of my roommates Jack and Kathan, and a friend to plant these seeds.  We each named ours and we landed ourselves a few B-list actors and a handful of Romans.  And, as history would have it, on the eve of the Ides of March, in phoenix-esque fashion, Gaius Julius Caesar was the first to sprout!  Soon after three more sprouted and hopefully the other three will follow suit soon, we need a high yield for the hard times this harvest is sure to bring!

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  1. i shall just comment back on this post.
    i work at a FUCKING BURGER PLACE.
    its a high end gourmet burger restaurant, technically speaking. we even have a kobe beef burger. so its awkward- "do you recommend the ahi sandwich or the zin burger?" "i hear great things about both..."
    i also wear a really ugly uniform.
    its sweet.